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Jessie Wright

Jessie was the OG behind our marketing and systems design.  Her work supported several small businesses across Clarksdale.  She's since taken her mad skillz to Georgia, and if we're lucky, might come visit us again at Yazoo Jazz Fest someday.

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Kayleigh Cornell

Kayleigh is the Most Interesting Woman in the World.  She established our partnership with Griot Arts while teaching there and in local schools through TFA.  She's previously been a park ranger, and could still move to Alaska at any moment.


Brooke Hines

Brooke is the reason this all exists.  She was the original energy that got Shared Experiences off the ground, while finishing her TFA service in Marks MS and studying to launch into New York real estate.  She'll forever be our original superhero.


Photographer Extraordinaire: Walt Busby. Thank you!


Colleen Buyers

Colleen is an entrepreneur with a background in nonprofit and corporate strategy.  She first lived in Mississippi over 10yrs ago and has been telling people it's the best place she's lived ever since.  She's now returned.  She created the VoiceMap audio walking tour for Visit Clarksdale, and founded Shared Experiences.

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Calvin Steinhauer

Calvin is passionate about educating local students, and empowering them to go away for college – then return with new perspective & energy to build community here.  He's known as Mr. Steinhauer to hundreds of former middle school students across town, and is now a Teach for America graduate fellow at Delta State.


Trevon Boulton

Trevon is a Meraki Roasting Co. fellow we met while recording the VoiceMap walking tour.  On his 18th birthday he registered to vote, and we and other Griot Arts students got to sing Happy Birthday together.  It was one of the best Shared Experiences we've ever had.  Trevon is now studying for his final GED exams.

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