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Clarksdale is like Anytown USA.  Our Main Streets (ok, Yazoo and Delta Avenue actually) are both darling and... let's call it shabby chic.

You can hear the echoes of life that teemed here once.  And peer into empty storefronts, left behind by depopulation that spread across the Delta as mechanized farming revolutionized life here and in so many small towns across America.  You've heard of rural or downtown revitalization and "opportunity zones?"


We're in the poorest part of the poorest state in the country.  But we are very rich in many ways.

Downtown Clarksdale is now renaissance in action.  Every day.

The blues was born here, and started bringing people back:  here you'll find Ground Zero (Bill Luckett & Morgan Freeman's blues club); Cat Head Records (yes the vodka was named after the record, book & folk art store); Sunflower, Juke Joint and over a dozen festivals.  Here, you can see live blues downtown – all 365 nights a year.  A thriving creativity and community now calls this place home.

Now, Shared Experiences USA is being born here too.


The community built this to invite you here.  We suspect you'll love and question and be as surprised by this place as we are.  Come see Mississippi for yourself.

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